Maintaining water quality at Castets-en-Dorthe marina is a daily concern. Get more information at the Harbour Master’s Office to find out the services available for bilge and waste water collection.



•I don’t pour waste oil into the water or the sewerage network!

•I maintain my boat’s engine(s) and have them regularly inspected.

•I clean the bilges using specific biodegradable products.

•I fit separator filters to contain pollutants from the discharge of the boat’s bilge water (filter cartridge to be changed when full).

•I preferably use environmentally friendly products (certified paints, cleaning products and toiletries).

•I wash cars and/or boats using a brush rather than products.

•I read labels and prefer products which are over 90% biodegradable.

•I do not wash or paint boats or any other object within the marina area.

•I do not empty bilge water containing hydrocarbons, oil or metallic residue into the marina.



It is forbidden to empty waste water (greywater or blackwater) straight into the marina.

You can use the toilet facilities and other services (e.g. laundrette) provided on the quay.

It is strictly forbidden to wash dishes or laundry on the pontoon!