1.1 – Access to the marina is limited to seaworthy vessels of under 39m long (actual length, accessories included) and with draught of less than 1.5m, i.e. seaworthy in terms of the category, type and nature of the vessel, except in the event of force majeure recorded by the concession holder or its agents, on condition that the vessel does not represent a danger in the zone under concession.


1.2 – Upon arrival, boat drivers shall present themselves to the concession holder’s agents and shall complete the usual formalities.


1.3 – Vessels other than pleasure boats may only be admitted in exceptional circumstances (refuelling or in the event of force majeure accepted by the concession holder’s agents) or subject to an agreement concluded by the concession holder and the person responsible for the boat in question.


1.4 – Any other kind of launching (craning, etc.) is subject to prior authorisation from the concession holder or its agents.


1.5 – The concession holder’s agents determine the order in which boats may enter or leave the marina. Boat crews must comply with orders and, when carrying out manoeuvres, take all measures necessary to prevent accidents.


1.6 – The maximum speed for boats within the area covered by the concession is 3kph (around 2 knots).


1.7 – Except where there is immediate danger, no anchor may be moored within the perimeter of the Roanne marina dock.


1.8 – Manoeuvres in the marina are only allowed in order to berth and/or leave the quays, pontoons and landing stages.