11.1 – When arriving at the marina, boats may moor temporarily at the quay or a pontoon in order to present themselves to staff at the Harbour Master’s office.
A boat may only be moored after authorisation from Lyonnaise des Eaux staff managing the marina.

11.2 – Anyone arriving outside the opening hours of the Harbour Master’s office or on a Sunday or public holiday, must inform the Harbour Master’s office during the opening hours so that staff can anticipate his arrival either by allocating a berth or considering a temporary mooring spot.

Harbour Master’s office opening hours:
High season: 9:00-12:00 and 14:30-18:30 from Monday to Saturday
Low season: 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30 from Monday to Saturday

11.3 – Any boat entering the area under concession for a stopover is required, upon arrival, to make an entry declaration at the marina office, indicating:

− the name, characteristics and certificate of registry or registration number of the boat,
− the owner’s name and address,
− the name and address of the person responsible for security when the crew is absent, and the contact details of the person appointed by the owner to represent him,
− the boat’s insurance certificate, recovery cost and at least third-party liability.
− the expected date of departure from the marina.

If this date is changed, an amended declaration must be submitted immediately to the Harbour Master’s office at the marina.

Moorage fees will be paid in advance upon entry to the area under concession.

The boat will be subject to a departure declaration made to the concession holder’s agents when it leaves the marina for good.

Use of the services provided by the concession holder is subject to:

− a request for information on use from the concession holder’s agents,
− prior payment of the corresponding fees,
− presentation of the equipment and the premises provided.

These services cover the provision of:

− sanitary areas (toilets and showers),
− electricity terminals, non-freezing water points and wifi (non-exhaustive list).