12.1 – The location of the berth to be occupied by a boat is decided on by the concession holder or its agents responsible for policing the port.
Numbered berths are allocated within the limit of places available.
The concession holder or its agents are nonetheless the only authority able to grant dispensation from this rule.

12.2 – Boats on a stopover are organised by the concession holder or its agents, depending on the berths available.
The user on a stopover will be required to change berth if, for policing or operating reasons, ordered to do so by the concession holder or its agents.

If, where there is a lack of available space, the concession holder’s agents have allocated him a quayside berth already assigned to someone else but available temporarily, he will be required to leave the berth occupied on first request from these agents.

12.3. Outside the Harbour Master office’s opening hours, boats on a stopover shall, as a priority, moor by the visitors’ pontoon if there are spaces available, and not in any other area.