14.1 – All new requests for annual mooring or winter berthing at Roanne marina must be submitted in writing after 1st January of the year in question and renewed every year by post, where a previous request has been refused.
An information form (to be requested from the Harbour Master’s office) will be filled in and returned to the Harbour Master’s office before the date indicated. This form will be registered on the waiting list and the mooring authorisation will be sent (according to availability) by post.
Berth allocation is neither a right nor a title deed; it is issued on a personal basis and may be not be rented out or sold to a third party. It may be amended or withdrawn as required, with no compensation of any kind.

14. 2 – The application should be submitted to:

Port de Plaisance
22 quai Commandant Fourcault
42300 ROANNE

Subscriptions are valid for one year. Subscriptions cannot be automatically renewed under any circumstances. All boat users must submit a new written application to the Harbour Master’s office two months before the mooring authorisation expires.
Where no renewal application has been submitted one month before expiry of the authorisation, Lyonnaise des Eaux, the concession holder, will make a final approach to the boat user to find out whether or not he wishes to maintain his berth in Roanne marina. If no response is received from the latter within one month, the authorisation will not be renewed and the boat user will be required to leave the marina.