15.1 – The applicable prices are reviewed annually on 1st January by the concession holder. These prices are included with this concession specification document and will be displayed at the Harbour Master’s office from the date they come into force.

15.2 – All occupants must pay the berth fee within two weeks of receipt of the invoice.
Payments by cheque will be made to Lyonnaise des Eaux.

15.3 – EDF electrical terminals are assigned to named individuals by marina staff and limited to the number of terminals available. If leaving Roanne marina for good, the owner of the meter covered by a contract with EDF will terminate this contract and inform the Harbour Master’s office of the change. Marina staff will then assign the terminal to a different user.
The Lyonnaise des Eaux network terminals will be allocated according to the moorings allocated and the voltage required/available at the berth, i.e. 6A, 10A or 16A.

Water consumption will be invoiced according to the number of people living on the boat. (Annual mooring and winter berthing)

It is forbidden to connect to the network without permission from the concession holder. The terms of connection will be defined by the concession holder and the user at the time of subscription.

15.4 – In the event of failure to pay the sums by the due date, and after the receipt of a reminder from the concession holder, users will be required to settle their debts with the concession holder within two weeks. Failing this, they must submit a request to the concession holder who may offer to stagger payment of the sums.
When payment is over six months overdue or in the event of obvious fraud, legal proceedings may be undertaken with referral to the competent authorities.

15.5 – All boats must comply with the legislation in force for its sailing category.