17.1 – It is forbidden to occupy the wharf levels in the marina for private use.
Any operation involving civil engineering work within the area under concession is subject to written authorisation from the concession holder or the department responsible for the network.

17.2 – The quays and roadways within the area under concession must be left clear at all times. Under no circumstances should equipment or any kind of material be left in these areas, except in the zones set aside for such purposes or after obtaining prior agreement from the concession holder.

17.3 – Boats may not be repaired, built, serviced or demolished on the marina quays. However, emergency boat removal to inspect the hull is permitted, after obtaining agreement from the concession holder via the Harbour Master’s office.

17.4 – Use of the pontoons and landing stages is strictly reserved for the concession holder’s agents and boat owners and users with vessels berthed in the marina.

The concession holder shall not be held liable for any incident or accident occurring on these installations, other than those related to the usual maintenance work it is required to carry out.

17.5 – The concession holder shall not be held liable for incidents resulting from the inattentiveness of any person found within the public area under concession and not entitled to be there.

17.6 – A launching ramp is available free of charge for users of the dock.
Vehicles and trailers used to transport boats may not park on the ramp once the boat is in the water. The use of this launching ramp is subject to authorisation from the agents at the Harbour Master’s office.

17 .7 – All marina users must use the waste facilities provided and should not fill the litter bins located around the quay areas.