2.1 – Mooring is strictly forbidden in the exit to the lock (right-hand side) on the Quay that feeds the canal, except for mooring alongside the keys or pontoons, and for short times in exceptional cases accepted by the concession holder.

2.2 – Boats may only be moored, under the responsibility of their owners or their representatives, to the bollards and other mooring structures provided for this purpose in the marina. Side-by-side mooring is only permitted with authorisation from the concession holder’s agents. Agreement from the owner or custodian of the boat to which the vessel is to be moored should be obtained wherever possible.

2.3 – Bookings can be made for berths and will be registered on payment of the fee corresponding to the required period.

2.4 – If absolutely necessary for technical or safety reasons:

– the concession holder’s agents must, at any time, be able to pass orders to the crew or the person that the boat’s owner will have appointed, and who must be able to carry out all the manoeuvres required of them.

– if the boat’s owner is absent, the concession holder’s agents are qualified, as they deem necessary, to carry out manoeuvres, or to have them carried out, with the boat’s engine turned off, although the owner will remain responsible in such cases.

2.5 – The owner, crew or custodian of the boat may not refuse to take a hawser or to cast off the lines to facilitate the manoeuvres of other boats.

2.6 – Subject to prior, written agreement from Lyonnaise des Eaux, the concession holder, facilities may be added to facilitate the embarkation of passengers on to boats designed to carry the public or to indicate the embarkation area.

These facilities will be built and maintained at the exclusive expense of the applicant and may be modified or dismantled subject to the same conditions, on request from Lyonnaise des Eaux and at the end of the authorisation to berth.