3.1 – It is forbidden to light fires on the pontoons and in marina structures or to have open flame lights (except in areas designed for this).

3.2 – Lighting or heating equipment on vessels, along with their venting systems and electrical installations must comply with the regulations in force, otherwise they may be forbidden.
Connections to network supplies in the area under concession must comply with the terms of these regulations. The concession holder’s agents will oversee this.

3.3 – Moored boats must not contain any dangerous or explosive material on board, with the exception of the mandatory pyrotechnic distress signals or devices and the fuel required for their use. It is forbidden to smoke in areas of the boat where flammable products are stored.
Equipment and devices relating to this fuel must comply with the applicable regulations for vessels (according to category and type).

3.4 – Boat owners are required to keep compliant fire extinguishers on-board.

3.5 – In the event of a fire in the area under concession, boat owners and their representatives are required to use their own extinguishers. Moreover, they shall take all the precautionary measures recommended by the concession holder or its agents, and strictly comply with them.

3.6 – In the event of a 18 call to the emergency services, boat users are requested to identify themselves at the closest numbered lamp-post on the quays of port no.s 1 to 29 (plan provided at the Harbour Master’s office).