6.1 – Life on-board is supervised by the concession holder or its agents and subject to marina capacities.

6.2 – To avoid electrical surcharge during the winter period, the number of boats using electric heating and used for residential purposes between 15th October and 15th April is limited, subject to an increase in the electrical capacity of the facilities.

If there are too many boats, the concession holder’s agents reserve the right to forbid the connection of electric heating equipment to the marina’s supply network. This measure is only applicable to the excess boats.

6.3 – Mail sent to boats will be kept at the Harbour Master’s office for a maximum period of one year. It will be handed over to recipients without the need for any checks or guarantees of any kind, except for basic professional secrecy requirements. Likewise, the existence of telephone messages will be displayed at the Harbour Master’s office, on the designated outside noticeboard.

6.4 – It is forbidden:

  • to leave rubbish, litter, household waste or rubble within the marina area.
  • to throw away any unclean liquids, in particular hydrocarbons (diesel, heating oil, fuel, waste oil or grease, etc.)
  • to deposit any product likely to pollute port water on the quays.

Household waste must be deposited in the containers provided in the area under concession. It is forbidden to fill the litter bins on the promenades.
In the event of failure to comply with these instructions, the offender will be subject to pay a penalty and the cost of repair, without prejudice to any criminal proceedings that may be brought against him.