Vehicles may only be parked in the designated areas, outside the marina area.

Only motor vehicles belonging to users are permitted to drive along the wharf levels in the marina, at a maximum speed of 10kpm, in order to load and unload equipment, supplies and various items required by the boats.

Vehicles other than those belonging to marina users may exceptionally be permitted to drive and park within the marina after agreement from the concession holder’s agents (e.g. vehicles belonging to Roanne municipal council, removal vans, etc.

Safety vehicles (ambulances, fire services, police, etc.) do not require permission.

Supplies, fittings and other items from boats or intended to be loaded onto vessels may only remain on the quays, pontoons and wharf levels for the time required for their handling, or for a given period determined in advance with the concession holder’s agents.

It is forbidden to wash and/or repair motor vehicles anywhere within the area under concession.